Posted by Eli Ruiz on Thursday, January 5th, 2017 at 1:31pm.

Maria Medina, 2nd Top Producer at EXCEL REALTY ASSOCIATES, 2016.  She actually closed the year with a bang.  A double header which she Listed and Sold.  In one week she found a house suitable for her buyer, attained the listing and sold it to them in one day.  It closed December 30, 2016.  A hefty commission for this Top Producer.

What I want people to understand is that she not only listed and sold she "conducted/orchestrated" this deal like no one we know. There were electrical issues, she found an Electrician and stayed with them till it was resolved.  There was a Huge Plumbing Issue and she got a plumber and stayed with it for a few days while it was resolved.  Ready for closing and tenant has no place to go , gives seller a hard time.  Maria jumps in,  finds a whole house for rent, secures that listing, rents it to tenant, while working with the tenants in that house to vacate (she makes sure they are gone).  House needs cleaning, Maria gets a cleaning crew, gets house cleaned.  Finally tenant moves out, Maria gets her listing  ready to close and the walk through shows there are no gas lines going up to 2nd floor apartment.  Maria to the rescue, gets a plumber, takes a day to fix problem, has it inspected and passes.  She closes on the deal and everybody is happy.  Maria is an exceptional Salesperson, she takes her job seriously.  She usually works with one or two buyers at a time until they close on a home.

Papabear, the Broker recruited Maria in 2004 and she has been with them since.  Other Broker's have tried to recruit Maria to no avail.  They should stop already, but that's all some of these brokers have to do.  She is not going anywhere, she is happy and we are happy.  congratulations Maria Medina, Happy New Year!  So good to work with you. 

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