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We take time out to honor and be grateful.  Lori Carrero is a new comer to the business but she sure doesn't look like it.  She handles herself like a professional, she talks real estate fluently and follows up with her leads like a veteran agent.  With under 3 months into the Real Estate World at EXCEL Realty Associates, she closed on her very first deal (under 2 months).  Though Lori is going through some tough trials, being the true Woman of God that she is, she handles her family, her ailing father, her career and her Worship Ministry at her church.

Thanks Lori, and may God continue to bless you and your family and of course your Real Estate Career at EXCEL Realty Associates.  Love, Papabear and Sherri.

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We want to welcme Dolores Andino as a new addition to the ECEL Family.  She is a Staten Island native, born and raised on the North Shore.  She has been working as a Logistics Claims Manager in NYC.  Dolores Is a people oriented person who enjoys making a difference in their lives.  She is charismatic and has a permanent smile that brightens up the room when she enters. She has shown an interest in all phases of the Real Estate Market and as she says "Real Estate is my passion".  "One of the reasons I chose EXCEL Realty is the Broker, Eli Ruiz, aka, Papabear. Eli has that fatherly image and is very caring and the love he has for Real Estate is contagious.  He is a great instructor and teacher and a tremendous motivator.  The EXCEL Team has received me

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Maria Medina, 2nd Top Producer at EXCEL REALTY ASSOCIATES, 2016.  She actually closed the year with a bang.  A double header which she Listed and Sold.  In one week she found a house suitable for her buyer, attained the listing and sold it to them in one day.  It closed December 30, 2016.  A hefty commission for this Top Producer.

What I want people to understand is that she not only listed and sold she "conducted/orchestrated" this deal like no one we know. There were electrical issues, she found an Electrician and stayed with them till it was resolved.  There was a Huge Plumbing Issue and she got a plumber and stayed with it for a few days while it was resolved.  Ready for closing and tenant has no place to go , gives seller a hard time.  Maria jumps

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Excel Realty Associates and Eli Ruiz, Papabear would like to congratulate Dun Chen for being the Top Sales Agent for the month of October, 2017. Congratulations Dun Chen and keep up the good work.



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Many home owners are so confused about Short Sales that they, eventually hurt themselves.  The "Debt Forgiveness Act" has been extended, making it easier to do a Short Sale with less headaches and worries.  Of course it is always recommended that you speak to an Attorney and or a CPA before committing yourself to a Short Sale.  Keep in mind that on a Short Sale, Attorney and Real Estate as well as the Short Sale Negotiator are paid at the closing by the Bank, not you (The Seller). In most cases the seller also gets an incentive (Check) for moving Expenses.

We have both (Attorney and CPA) available for you, if you need one,   this way you can make a more educated decision.  But please, remember that choosing the right Real Estate is just as important. 

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Selling homes in such an unstable market is hard.  Being a Top Producer in an unstable market says a lot for an agent.  EXCEL REALTY Associates is  proud to announce that Maria Medina has done just that!  She has demonstrated that an unstable market is no match for her.  Maria has a certain "je ne sais quoi",  (a pleasant quality that is hard to describe) for those that don't speak French.  She is resilient and never gives up.  It's not hard for he to be a Top Producer, it's expected and she delivers.

Do you have a property that needs to be sold? Or do you have someone that needs to buy a house? Well Maria is the person to call if you want it done expeditiously and with a smile.  call EXCEL Realty: 718-720-2300 and ask for Maria. 

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